In-App Notifications simplified.

Keep your users informed about what's going on.
Right inside your app.


Setup in-app notifications for your apps with just some mouse clicks. Publish all kinds of notifications for your users to always be informared on what's going on with your app. Set up your apps, publish notifications and keep your users in the loop.


For every notification you can set a type, a timeframe and messages in different localizations. All your apps have a primary localization, which is the fallback for users whose devices don't support a specific language. Timeframes are optional and can be set for specific events, like holiday vouchers.


A type defines what kind of notification your user sees. Default types are error, info, update or warning. You can customize a type's title, color, icon and whether users can hide notifications with that specific type.

Get in touch with your users.

There is a new update? Something in your app is currently not running smoothly? Or you just want to tell your users something? No matter what it is, with AppState you have the perfect tool and can display important messages in your apps at any time!

Quick Integration

Add the SDK within a matter of minutes to get started with in-app notifications.

Easy Publishing

Publish new notifications from the app on macOS or iPadOS.

Great Support

AppState is built by a motivated team, right in Berlin.